Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should All These Kids & Leaders Sleep?

You may be wondering, Where should I put all the kids and leader? You’d be amazed at how many kids can and will want to pile into one room! The leaders should sleep in the room with the kids to keep an eye on them, so don’t worry if you don’t have a guest room. They don’t need it!

How Do I Prepare My Home For The Weekend?

We suggest removing any irreplaceable items, potentially dangerous items, movies with ratings of PG-13 and above, alcohol, and “questionable” items. Basically, if you’re wondering if you should removed something, you probably should.

Do I Participate In The Small Group Time While Students Are In My Home?

No. This is a vital time when small groups bond and cultivate community, so we ask that you and your family not participate during this time and that you allow the group to meet without you present.

Do I Have To Attend The Sessions on Friday and Saturday Nights?

You may be needed to help with transportation on Friday night. Your small group leader will coordinate with you. If you are interested, we would like to invite you to come to our late-night worship session, which starts at _____ on Saturday.

How Many Students Can Ride In My Car?

While this may seem obvious, you should not transport more people than you have seatbelts in your car. Thanks for your attention to this.

Can My High School Student Help With Transportation?

High school students, including high school leaders, are not allowed to drive students during Walking Wisely Weekend (even if they are 18). However, college-aged students may drive and high school students can drive themselves or luggage/supplies if needed.

How Much Food Do I Need To Buy?

Please see the “Sample Menu and Shopping List” for info on food. Middle schoolers eat a lot!

Do I Need To Prepare Lunches or Dinner?

No. Students will eat dinner before they arrive on Friday night and Saturday dinner is provided at Southside Church. A budget is provided to leaders for lunch on Saturday before free time. However, you could use that budget to provide a meal at home if that is what the group wants.

How Am I Reimbursed For The Food and Supplies I’ve Purchased?

A reimbursement form will be included in your host home supply packet. Fill out the form and provide all itemized receipts. Return the form and receipts to Southside Church or have your small groups bring your packet back before Session!